Jill Jones
Certified Creativity Coach

Welcome to Coach the Arts

Creativity Coaching is the match that ignites your creative fire. If your passion for creativity has been left untended because of fears and anxieties, or doused with cold water by a restrictive inner critic, creativity coaching can get that fire roaring again. Creativity coaching helps you get back in control and back on course to move your creative pursuits forward.

Coach the Arts is dedicated to helping individuals re-engage with their creative lives. I work with artists, writers, and performers of all types who want to explore, expand, and realize their creative abilities. Coaching provides encouragement, support, and unique ideas for breaking the limits that hold creative development captive. Together we break through the road blocks of negative self talk and barriers that have stalled creative work. Together we focus on moving your creative work forward productively.

I specialize in a process that helps individuals who may be unsure of their creative abilities, who need a jump start, or who want to get past the inherent anxieties and blocks of the creative life.

Creativity coaching is an exceptionally beneficial tool to assist individuals, small groups, and businesses expand their creative potential.

I hope you find the information contained on this website helpful as you decide on a path to improve your creative life. For additional information and to arrange for coaching sessions, please Contact me.