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Certified Creativity Coach

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What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching is the match that ignites your creative fire. If your passion for creativity has been left untended because of fears and anxieties or doused with cold water by a restrictive inner critic, creativity coaching can get that fire roaring again. Creativity coaching helps you get back in control and back on course to move your creative pursuits forward.

The coaching itself is a mixture of reflection and action explored through a constructive dialogue focused on your creative work and life. You receive support, encouragement, reflection, idea generation, and gentle course correction. There are unique suggestions to consider, proven techniques to try, and humble, informed advice to reflect upon. Within our sessions you will find a safe environment to be honest with yourself in assessing strengths and weaknesses and determining what actions to take to make progress attaining your creative goals.

Ultimately creativity coaching is a process for helping creative individuals identify behaviors that block their creative efforts and find a path to work through them. The goal is to help you engage in doing meaningful, productive, creative work.

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Who is it for?

Creativity coaching is for anyone who has a creative urge but has been hesitant to follow up on it. It’s also for the more seasoned professionals who feel stalled, or are experiencing uncertainty as they try a new way, a new style. Together in coaching we explore the obstacles that hold you back and find ways for you to gently push forward. We can shape your creative goals and develop a plan to get you involved in exploring your creative life with enthusiasm, energy and dedication.

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Who benefits from creativity coaching?

The large answer is we all do. Our society has done much that represses creativity so we have a lot of harm to undo. In this regard I believe anyone could benefit from creativity coaching. The individuals who will most easily see the benefits are creative individuals who are motivated to advance their creative goals but are encountering difficulties turning the dreams into realities. Creativity coaching is ideal to help someone stuck and struggling with an aspect of their creative life and work. This applies to all types of creativity including budding artists and those who are already established in fields such as writers, actors, painters, musicians, photographers, fiber artists, scriptwriters, sculptors, poets, songwriters, singers, performance artists, directors, entertainers, potters, crafters, etc.

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Why is it important?

We become better people when we celebrate life by honoring creativity in ourselves and others. When we are listening to music, viewing paintings, watching plays, reciting poetry and discussing issues raised by reflective movies, novels and performance art we become more insightful and appreciative. Our lives are richer and more rewarding when we seek meaning and share that mission through creative expressions.

Coaching is important to assist creative people work on their ideas, turn their ideas into successful processes and products, and share the expressions and products in the world. Creativity coaching encourages more creative expression and creative opportunity in our lives.

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What can I expect it to be like?

The coaching experience is tailored to each client’s needs and preferences; however, there are several common aspects. We start by getting to know more about you and your creative goals. We begin this process with e-mail exchanges and a series of questions or the use of a survey. We map out plans and observe what obstacles get in the way. We work through different activities and techniques to get past those obstacles to establish regular productive creative work habits. We determine the ebb and flow of your work and enhance your ability to coach yourself as you make progress on your goals.

Most new clients benefit from a short period of twice weekly or once per week sessions. New clients will want to consider making at least a three month commitment to gain lasting benefits. Periodically we evaluate the schedule and continually assess progress to make adjustments as needed.

Some clients participate in coaching for a brief period, others continue as on-going clients for extended periods of time on a once a month, or once per quarter basis, and some consider coaching as a life long tool that they continue to use on an as-needed basis. Everyone is different which is why I tailor a program to suit each client’s individual needs.

You can use coaching to help you shape and pursue your creative goals, work to unblock yourself or to restart your work, or you can use it to focus on any aspect of your creative life that is most important for you. Some artists and writers have specific goals that they want to work on to improve or change their creative processes and products. The focus of our work together is determined by what is most important to you.

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How do I sign up?

Just contact me at jill@coachthearts.com or via my post office box. I’ll get back in touch with you to discuss options for scheduling coaching sessions. There is no charge for the initial consultation. When I receive your payment we will begin our work together.

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