Jill Jones
Certified Creativity Coach

Client Comments

Probably I didn't expect that it would help me much. However, the coaching, and perhaps more important the coach herself, caused me to pause, think, pause again, sometimes feel exhilarated and other times feel challenged, but always feel grateful for the kindly, patient attention and encouragement. It is a rare gift for anyone, but for a late blooming artist with lots of doubts, it is an amazing boost.

Wendy Weaver, visual artist, Toronto, Canada

Every writer should have a coach! I was a bit skeptical at the outset, but after working with Jill for three months I'm a more confident happier writer, I'm producing more and better work, and all around I'm in better writing shape.

I would like to continue with coaching.   I feel like I've made some huge progress in perspective in working with you, and I'd like to maintain this positive outlook.

Lisa Taggart, writer, Menlo Park, California

After spending our e-mail time together, I took action about clearing out my life of matters that were below my priorities as an artist. Happily, I have been quite successful and simplified my life to the point where I have found the time to produce many more paintings and even managed to squeeze in a 9-day trip to England to collect some very beautiful ideas for future paintings.

Georgette Liberatore, visual artist, Atlanta, Georgia

I expected creativity coaching to give me a safe place where I could work out some of my barriers to creating with a knowledgeable caring person who has "walked the talk". The experience has exceeded my expectations through your gentle prodding, wise words and just knowing you are there.

Linda Joyce Ott, visual artist, Toronto, Canada

Creativity coaching helped me to stay on task and define my goals, both short and long term....You gave me some great advice on getting organized.  I appreciated the book recommendations especially.  Also, checking in helped me with staying on task and meeting goals...

Cindy C., fiber artist, Irvine, California